Haunted Hollow Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, hints, and strategies

Haunted Hollow is a new digital board game for the iPhone. You run a team of monsters in Haunted Hollow, and your competition is a rival team of monsters, with the goal being to scare all of the townhomes in the village, and not to let the opposing monster team scare the villagers out of theirs. Don’t let the cutesy graphics fool you – this is a surprisingly complex and time consuming game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Haunted Hollow!

One of the biggest obstacles to your strategy will be the church. Every time that the church’s anger meter gets high enough, a mob will come spurting out, burning down every house and monster that’s in their way. You can try to kill them, but they have 24 health, so it takes forever to do. Your best bet is simply to use them as a part of your strategy.

Do this by letting them burn down any house that they come across. No matter who previously haunted the house, it will disappear from the board once they burn it down, making one less house that you have to scare. Don’t use your fighters on them. Concentrate your fighter’s on the opponent’s monsters.

One quick strategy to prevent enemy monsters from overtaking your properties is to create werewolves or vampires and send them over to block the path between the enemy mansion and the village. If your vampires (or your zombies) kill anyone in the village, they will turn them into either bats or new zombies, so send them over to block the path as well. Then focus your whole army on blocking their path.

With more advanced players, especially when you play Haunted Hollow via Game Center, take this even further, and send out tons of fighty monsters, and only one scary monster if possible. Make a blockade many layers deep boxing in every single monster that your rivals create. Use your scary monster to keep only the minimum necessary number of hauntings, and let the church mob destroy everything else.