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Hay Day for iPhone: How to get free Diamonds

Hay Day is something has hasn’t been seen in years – an actual innovative farming game! Hay Day separates itself from the glut of farming games for the iPhone, for other mobile devices and on web-based applications such as Facebook with a wholly unique style of gameplay, a social store aspect, no energy meter, and some of the best graphics and music of any of the farming games. Diamonds are the premium currency in Hay Day, and while they normally cost real life money to buy, there are ways to get diamonds for free. Read on to find out how.

During the initial tutorial, you will be prompted to spend a whole lot of diamonds just to speed up a few relatively short tasks. If you choose not to spend those diamonds, though, but simply to wait it out, you will be able to complete the tutorial and still get to keep the difference in diamonds.

Look around your farm every once in awhile, including the undeveloped areas where there are still trees, swamps and rocks. Every so often you will find a random magical red box hidden somewhere. Tap it, and it will be one of two things: Either a locked box which you need to pay diamonds in order to unlock (if you choose not to unlock it, it will disappear), or an unlocked box which contains 5 free diamonds! You’ll find these fairly often for a premium currency, so keep looking and searching.

Also, you can get free diamonds for pretty much any achievement of yours that you complete. To check on what you need to do to complete another achievement, tap on your house, and the screen will pop up with the whole list of them. You can tap on your previously-completed achievements in order to collect the rewards that they earned you, and you can see what you need to do in order to complete future achievements.


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