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Head Basketball – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Head Basketball is a side-scrolling one-on-one basketball game for the iOS and Android platforms by the makers of Head Soccer. Your goal in this game is to beat your opponent in the little amount of time allotted per round by shooting more baskets, scoring more points, and beating the crap out of them. You can use special abilities, gain levels and boost the stats of your players, and even unlock new characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Head Basketball!

If you win, you gain experience points, but if you lose, you don’t get any. One of the quickest ways to level up is to play in the survival mode. This mode has you winning or losing off of only one basket, so it’s possible to win each round immediately after starting it. Other rounds last longer, so it takes longer to gain your levels. If you go for a long time in the survival mode, you can level up multiple times in just one playthrough.

Each time that you win, you can hit the button that says Ad Points to double up on your experience for that round. Once you gain a level, go to the stats page and you will be able to boost five stats per each level that you gain. Some stats, such as speed, can make it a lot easier to control the ball and keep from getting scored on.

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When your special ability is charged, hit the ability button and you’ll shoot a basket the instant that you grab the ball. Make sure to grab the ball behind the three-point line so that your shot will be worth more. If you use the ability inside of the paint, you will only score two points off of your ability.

Coins can be spent on new characters, but each new character can be earned for free by completing specific quests. Instead, go to the locker room and you can buy new items of clothing for your character. Each new item of clothing might be expensive, but they are for more than just looks – they can boost your stats as well.

In addition to the main moves in the game, there are a few you can do to gain an advantage. Double-tap in a single direction to dash. You can double-jump as well. Also, if you punch the other player enough times, you can drain their energy meter, causing them to go dizzy and be unable to move for a few second or until a point is scored in somebody’s basket.