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Headshot Heroes – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Headshot Heroes is EA Chillingo’s latest game for the iOS platform, and possible one of their most addictive as well. This game puts you in control of soccer teams who tap to pass and then shoot to score, in the form of an endless runner type of game, with countless upgrades and new teams that you can purchase in order to get farther and farther. Read on for some tips and tricks for Headshot Heroes!

You have a limited time that you can pass and shoot for, and the faster that you pass especially, the farther that you can go. Pay attention to what side of the field you’re on, so that when you pass to someone who’s on the very edge of the field, you can immediately hit the opposite side to pass again, because from the edge of the field there’s only one possibility as to where a defender will be.

Purchase new teams as soon as you have the coins to do so, because new teams will be improved in every respect compared to the current team that you have. Each team is unlocked in the store as soon as you beat them. If you’re happy with your current coin earnings, you can skip the next team or even the next two teams in the store, and save up for next team after that for a gigantic statistical improvement.

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Be sure to purchase upgrades for whatever team you have, more if you have a longer way to go to get the next team. Purchase all of the time upgrades to keep going for longer, and purchase all of the coin upgrades to earn more coins per headshot, perfect shot, or complete shot.

To execute a perfect shot, wait until the bar hits 100 percent, and then kick when the opposing goalie is on the other side of the goal. To execute a headshot, do the same thing except wait until the goalie is on the side of the goal that you’re kicking on. Kick a 100% shot and the ball will behead the opposing goalie, you’ll collect their head, and you’ll get even bigger rewards than the perfect shot will earn you.

Set up a streak of perfect shots and/or headshots, because the longer that your streak goes, the more coins you will earn per goal. The streak breaks either when you lose, or when you kick a goal that is neither a perfect shot or a headshot, at which point you will have to start the streak over again.