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Heavenstrike Rivals – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Heavenstrike Rivals is a new dystopian strategy RPG that has just been released world wide by Square Enix for the iOS and Android. Like a lot of Squeenix F2P games it’s a bit slow, extremely pretty looking, and has a lot of strategy involved in it. There are hundreds of characters, and how you use them in battle will determine victory or defeat. Read on for some tips and tricks for Heavenstrike Rivals!

Throughout the game you will come across a ton of rare and super-rare units, so always be sure to modify your party manually to make sure that your best new units get into the party. You’ll want to have the most rare units possible, regardless of what their experience level is (at least initially). That’s the easiest part to improve upon.

Once you get a new unit into the party, the cheapest and easiest way to level them up is to go play an old battle (or many old battles) and level up the new characters in your party. Another way to do so is to go to the inventory menu and use training. Training allows you to sacrifice common characters in order to level up the rarer characters much more quickly. Once they are at their max level, many of the characters can then be promoted, which is an “evolution” of sorts that changes their form and greatly improves their statistics.

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Battles may happen automatically, but what you do still has a great effect on what happens. For example, you can choose to line up your characters against the enemy defenders, or you can send them down an empty row, one after the other, in the hopes that you can kill the captain before yours dies. Always send melee characters in first, then range characters in behind them to maximize the damage done and minimize the damage taken.

Once you build up a good stash of rare fighters, start organizing your team based on the effects that individual members have on each other. Pair the right team members together and they will buff each other and nerf opponents, leading to huge team stat boosts that can make it very easy to defeat almost any enemy. Brains are better than brawn when it comes to building a team, really.

Single player missions cost energy to do, while the PvP missions cost tickets to do. Once you run your stamina out, go to the PvP and use all of your tickets. You’ll rack up rewards and rank this way, and since PvP battles tend to be very slow anyways, some energy will doubtlessly have been recovered by the time you finish off all of your PvP battles.