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HeliHopper: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

HeliHopper is a new level-based helicpoter jumping game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to go through level after level, or to play through countless endless modes, and get as far as you can. You can earn wings, coins, gems, and more, and even unlock new helicopters. Read on for some tips and tricks for HeliHopper!

You pull back like in Angry Birds in order to launch your chopper, but you can also swipe to one side or the other in order to correct your bounce. If you aim properly, you can hit the H without correcting any of your bounces, but also, look out for accidentally bouncing off of the top of a building and falling off of the level. Land with enough space to move slightly so that you can shift a bit and still stay on the platform.

Increase your experience and player level by completing the normal stages. If you want to unlock more endless modes besides just the beginning ones, then you have to gain experience levels, or you can pay gems to unlock them early, but your gems are better spent on unlocking more goodies, such as rare helicopters.

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There are two types of helicopters that you can unlock in this game. You can unlock some by using gems, or you can unlock other ones by watching advertisement videos. The gem ones require you to simply spend the right amount of gems. For the ad video ones, you have to watch a specific amount of ad videos to get the helicopter. When you watch the last one, you earn the helicopter.

Coins might seem useless at first, but you will have something to spend them on once you unlock some new helicopters. Your starting helicopter can’t be upgraded, but your later helicopters become upgradable by spending coins on them. The two stats are side hops and lives, and both of these can be increased by spending coins.

Watch out for the wind warnings, as these can be the toughest part of a stage to navigate. You’ll essentially have to guess when it comes down to how much the wind will affect your helicopter, at least until you get used to the effect. The higher you jump, the more the wind will affect your trajectory.