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HellFire for Android and iOS: How to get more Ally Jewels, Magic Jewels and Fire Coins

There a few different types of currencies, of sorts, that you can collect in HellFire, a new card battling game for the iPhone and Android that has many action game elements to it. Fire Coins are the premium currency of the game, and they allow you to buy premium card packs that can earn you rare or super rare cards more frequently. Ally Jewels allow you to unlock normal card packs. The third is Magic Jewels, which allow you to open premium card packs that you would normally need Fire Coins to open. Read on to find out how to get more of all three of these.

You can get more ally jewels in many ways. One of them is to add new allies to your roster. For each new ally that you add, you get ten ally points. To add allies, go to the ‘allies’ tab and start searching people. You can search a minimum of three letters, and any username starting with those first three letters will pop up. In addition, when you do a mission, usually a wanderer will come by and attack some enemies for you at random. Once the mission is done, you will be prompted to add the wanderer as an ally. The more allies, the more ally points.

When you pick one of your allies to help before a mission, you earn 20 ally jewels; however, if you have picked them already once in the same day, you won’t earn any. In addition, each time one of your allies picks you to be one of their helpers, you will earn ally jewels as well, so the more allies you get, the more ally jewels that you can get.

Magic jewels are the premium version of ally jewels. If you get a hundred magic jewels, you will be able to do a magic summon, which earns you a rare or super rare card. To get more magic jewels, you have to defeat the boss at the end of one of the areas that you play. Total, there are five bosses in each world (one in each area) and each one that you beat will earn you 20 magic jewels.

Fire Coins are the premium currency of the game. Right now, the only known way to acquire more fire coins is to buy them in the App Store with real money. To get there, try to buy a magic summon, and you will be taken to the fire coin store if you don’t have enough coins. You can spend anywhere from 99 cents to $99.99 on coins depending on how many you want to buy.