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HellFire for Android and iOS: How to get rare and super rare (three, four and five star) cards

In HellFire for the iOS and Android, there are five ranks of cards. One star cards are the most common, but are also the weakest. Two star cards are considered to be “uncommon”, but they are still fairly common. Three, four and above are where the cards really start getting good, though. These are the most powerful cards in the game, and these are the ones which will give you extra-powerful fireballs to throw. Read on for some tips on how to get more rare cards!

One of the main ways to get rare cards is to trade magic jewels for a magic summon. You need 100 magic jewels to do this. In order to get magic jewels, simply play through the missions, and keep going until you get to the boss characters. Fight and defeat the boss and you will earn 20 magic jewels. Beat all 5 bosses in one world, and you will have 100 magic jewels, or enough of them to perform one magic summon. You’ll earn three stars or better every time from this one.

Two-stars are fairly common, so use the powers of evolution to evolve a two-star card to its final form, and it will turn into a three star card. Consequently, evolve a three star to its final form and it will become a four star card, and if you somehow manage to get four of the same 4-star card, evolve it to its final form to turn it into a five star card.

Every so often, when you do a standard summon with Ally Jewels, you might find a three star card as well. Most of the time, however, the cards that you summon will only be worth one or two stars, so it could be quite awhile into the game before you ever see a three star card.

You can also buy a magic summon using fire coins, which are the premium currency of the game. Finally, any time that a special event occurs within the game, it is usually an excellent opportunity to earn a few rare cards. Whenever events come around, use them to your advantage.