Hello Cats: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Hello Cats is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms where you have to find a way to capture the cat, to give the cat water, or to knock the cat off of where it’s sitting. You can build shapes in order to get the mission done, unlock new cats, and compete for three stars on every level, including the toughest ones. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hello Cats!

Pay attention to the physics of a level before you build a shape. The shape may drop into the water, or it may drop down onto a lever to knock the cat off of a platform, or it might even roll off of a hill or be put onto a rocket. As you make it further through the game, more different types of levels will pop up.

You can unlock all kinds of new cats in this game, including normal, rare, and special ones, but first, you have to get gems. You get gems for every level that you beat; the more stars that you earn, the more gems that you earn. After a level, if you have an internet connection, a video offer for more gems will pop up as well, and any time you go to the gem store, you can watch a video for 200 free gems.

Head to the cat store with the boxes, and you’ll be able to spend gems on a box, or to watch a video in order to get a free box. Each box contains a piece of a cat; the more expensive the box, the higher-tier the cat will be. Each cat plays the same way, but they look different, and the rarer cats are harder to get. Get four pieces of the same cat, and you’ll unlock the cat altogether.

A shape doesn’t have to look perfect in order to win the level. All that it has to do is get the job done, and to get it done within a certain number of moves. The less moves that you complete the level in, the more stars you earn; if you complete it within the minimum number of moves, that’s a three-star score.

If a treasure box appears next to the cat when you begin the level, then after the level, you’ll be able to watch a video ad in order to open a treasure chest. Open this and you can spin for a number of prizes. Half of them are for varying numbers of gems. The other half are for boxes; three for the 100-gem box, and one for the 300-gem box, which contains the rarities. Take the offer any chance that you get.

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