Hello Hero: Epic Battle – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Hello Hero: Epic Battle is the very long-awaited sequel to Fincon’s surprise hit for the iOS and Android platforms, Hello Hero. This game brings the gameplay of the previous one into a 3D universe, with hundreds of heroes to recruit and lots of different skills and abilities to use for your party.

There is a ton to do in this game, but it’s fairly simple to get started and follow along with, as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hello Hero: Epic Battle!

First thing that stands out about this game is the sheer volume of gameplay modes. You have your standard campaign mode, which is the Adventure mode, but even this one has four difficulty levels associated with it. Not all of them are unlocked right away, but all of them can be unlocked eventually, as you clear chapters on the previous difficulty.

Expedition mode is a great one for farming. You pick one single hero and engage in an endless battle through a dungeon, clearing as many levels as possible. You earn more and more rewards the farther you go into the dungeon, so pick your strongest hero possible and keep one hero as heavily upgraded and heavily armed. You can earn gems, heroes, and equipment as rewards,

You have a number of ranking modes after that, where you fight to become one of the top players on the server. World Boss is a competitive raid boss mode, where you have one giant boss to fight, out of four possible ones. Your rank depends on how much damage your party can deal to the boss in the given amount of time before it’s finally killed off. Last a long time in the battle to unlock Fever Time mode and deal extra damage in battle.

Conquest is the next ranking mode. Think of it like Space Invaders or Call of Duty: Zombies, where you fight off endless waves of monsters and try to reach the highest possible wave. The more waves, of course, the better rewards, but the monsters get tougher and tougher as you get into higher waves, with more upgrades required to beat each successive wave.

Battlefield is a ranking mode with a rather unique premise. You and another player race to kill off ten enemies first, and the first to do so is the winner. This is the one mode where low-tier heroes are the better choice, because higher-tier heroes take a longer time to spawn, putting you at a disadvantage.

Now, the classes. There are four classes of heroes in this game. You have Defense, which can tank and absorb hits due to their high health and defense, so they should be in the front of the party. Melee/Ranged Attack heroes do high damage but have low defense and health, so they need to be protected. Melee/Ranged Hybrid are the same as previous except with longer range attacks, so they can go further in the back. Supports have weak attack, moderate defense and health, and the ability to heal and buff teammates and debuff enemies.

Collect every hero that you can, and watch out that you don’t get charmed by familiar heroes from the original Hello Hero without looking at their stats. Many heroes from the original game have been weakened and thus are no longer worth using in your party. You have seven total hero tiers, and you can boost them by leveling them up and unlocking their skills.

Be sure to fill up the equipment slots of all of your heroes, first and foremost. Then look for rarer equipment to give to all of your heroes, and use extraction to turn the common equipment into upgrade materials for your better equipment.

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