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Hello Hero – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Hello Hero is a new social RPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Fincon. This game combines all of the usual RPG tropes (knights, wizards, archers etc) with some truly unusual characters (a banjo-playing cactus, for one) to make a surprisingly excellent gameplay experience for mobile RPG fans. It starts off fairly easy but it gets harder as the game goes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hello Hero!

There are a ton of heroes in this game, most of which are fairly expendable, but the more rare heroes that you have (two, three and four stars), the more powerful your team will be. If you get a rare hero, replace one of your common heroes and then go back to older stages for some easy experience points, so that you can bring it up to speed and power it up quickly.

Put the high defense/hit point heroes in the front two slots, while leaving the back three slots for the other heroes. Also, each hero can be equipped with one weapon and one armor, which can be earned either by packs purchased with honor points or simply by picking up items that are dropped in battle, and then equipping them. Furthermore, use your spare heroes to upgrade the heroes that you want to keep around – each upgrade increases the percentage of a hero’s stats, so the higher the level, the more the upgrade will be worth.

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As you level up, look out for extra new functional areas that you can unlock, such as PvP and time attack mode. Plus, in battle, you can unlock the ability to finish it automatically, and to make the battle go by at 2x the speed (which will still allow you to use special attacks to get an edge in battle).

Want to earn carats quickly? Complete the quests for quick carats. Fight in the arena as often as possible, because each win increases your rankings, and the higher your rank at the end of the set period of time, the more carats you win in the arena.

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