Hello Hero – Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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As you progress through the game (the dungeons especially) you will start to earn rarer heroes, but when you earn them, they will initially be at level one. To get them up to speed quickly, kick a one-star hero out of the party and sneak your new, rarer hero into the back of the formation so that they get hit a minimum amount possible. Sneak them into the toughest stage that you can (preferrably a green, non-boss stage, not a red, boss stage) and they will start leveling up VERY rapidly as long as they are not killed. Do this a few times and they will be ready for prime time.

Save up your rare items for the rare heroes, generally. Items can’t be unequipped once they are equipped. They can only be deleted, meaning that once an item is equipped, it’s as good as gone if you equip it on a common, one-star, easily replaceable troop. Two and three-star items should not be wasted on one-star troops, unless you’re really attached to them for some reason.

Want to level up extremely quickly? Spend five of your carats (a cheap amount) in the store to buy the 4X speed power up, which will enable you to complete battles EXTREMELY quickly. This will enable you to level up your heroes very, very quickly, preparing them to take on much tougher dungeons.

Also, once you hit level 3 and on, you have “auto” mode enabled. This means that special attacks will be activated automatically, as the computer-control sees fit. You can still tap them to activate them at any point, though, so if you are able, pay attention to the game so that you can use appropriate moves (especially healing moves) at the most useful times.

Always try to keep a healer in your party, even if they are weaker than an alternate party member. Keeping two healers in your party at a time is an even smarter idea, even if it will slow down battles. It’ll still enable you to win far more difficult battles. Having zero healers in the party will make it very easy for enemy parties to kill you in moderately tough battles.

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