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Helly Copter – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Helly Copter is a new endless flying game for the Android and iOS platforms. Your goal is to fly your helicopter or other character as far as you can go and rack up a high score. You can earn coins along the way and collect new characters as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Helly Copter!

Holding down on the screen causes your helicopter to go upward, and letting go of the screen causes the helicopter to drop. The biggest challenge to getting a high score is figuring out how best to remain level when you’re not facing any obstacles. You can either tap rapidly so as to not let yourself drop or rise, or drop and rise gradually by tapping less frequently and holding longer. This is generally preferable so that you can more easily adjust to coming obstacles.

You earn one coin for every point that you score. This is true right up until you hit the 200 point mark. Once you hit the 200 point mark, the coins will be double what your score is, so if you die at 220 points, you will earn 440 coins. Go as long as possible for a shot at even bigger multipliers.

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Coins can be used to purchase new characters. There is no roulette in this game, unlike in most games of this type – just go to the character select screen to purchase them directly. Some characters cost as little as 2,000 coins, while some of them cost as many as 10,000 coins. All of the characters will perform the same way – the appearances are all that is different between them.

In addition to the coins that you earn from the levels themselves, you’ll get the magic box bonus in exchange for watching various video ads. Most of the time, the bonus roulette will earn you coins; however, sometimes, you will earn a brand new character from the roulette. Characters from the roulette can ONLY be earned from the roulette, not from purchasing them.

There are a lot of ads in this game, and while buying a 10,000 coin character can get rid of them, you can also get rid of the ads by turning your device into airplane mode when you play the game. Don’t do this if you still want to get the video ad bonuses, though, because then the video ad bonuses will quit showing up.