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Hempire – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Hempire is a new iOS and Android farming and production game. You play as a resident of a town in a state where weed is now legal, and your goal is to team up with a motley group of former underground sellers turned legit and take over the town’s weed trade with strains, products, and missions to earn cash and diamonds and to increase your net worth. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hempire!

You’re going to have a set of main missions and a set of sub-missions to complete. Your main ones are the ones given to you by Uncle (the guy in the picture above) and the sub-missions are various orders listed from characters in the icons below Uncle. These sub-missions are best used to help you complete main missions faster – as well as to get more money.

You’re going to need plenty of materials to do upgrades and renovations around the city. One way to earn them is to go around fixing benches, emptying trash, and doing other general housekeeping around the city. Some can also be earned from rarer sub-missions which take longer to complete, so take these as often as possible even if you don’t have an immediate need for the materials.

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Your storage will fill up extremely quickly most of the time. To work it down to manageable levels, find people who have orders, and fill the orders to clear the extra weed out of your inventory. Or, if you have the necessary cash and materials, visit Handy Mandy to put in an order for a warehouse upgrade.

Free diamonds are fairly easy to get in this game. You can turn in golden keys at the pawn shop for a chance at diamonds, earn them as level-up rewards, or simply hit the “free diamonds” button on the television in the pawn shop to watch an ad in exchange for free diamonds. You’ll get two of them per ad that you watch, which is not a whole lot, but over time, it can really add up.

Make sure to play Hempire on your PC or Mac and link up your mobile account via Facebook. By doing this you can check your city more frequently, allowing you to go much further in the game much more quickly.

Each successive building that you unlock will open up new missions, new customers, new products that you can make (such as the weed-infused baked goods from grandma’s kitchen), and new ways to play. You’ll need cash, items (and diamonds) or time for each one, unless you want to diamond out the time. The time-lapse cheat (setting time ahead on your phone) doesn’t work in this game.