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Hero Clash: Guide Part 2 – More Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Upgrading the overall power of your team of heroes is the best and fastest way to win tough battles and to get the coveted three star scores that earn you the biggest rewards. Obviously, filling your team with S and S+ heroes, as well as leveling the heroes up, is the best way to go, but how else can you increase your team power?

One way to do so is by awakening your heroes. You can do this to any hero that you have a duplicate hero card for. This increases their rarity by one, and if you awaken a hero twice, they get a full rarity upgrade, which can allow you to turn common heroes into excellent heroes if you awaken them enough.

Another way to do so is by upgrading their portraits. This is in a different tab in the hero upgrade menu; generally, a portrait will be ready for an upgrade immediately on an excellent or excellent+ hero, and then you can do even more upgrades as you battle and level them up more.

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Heroes can be evolved once you hit a specific experience level. The evolution requires different materials than simply leveling them up does, but on average, the evolution will boost their statistics the same as 10 level ups well, making this a high impact move.

Not only can you level your heroes app, but you can also level up their equipment. Tap on any piece of equipment that one of your heroes is using, and you will be able to level it up just like with your hero itself. Most equipment can be leveled up five times, but excellent equipment, which is equipment with a purple background, can be leveled up 10 times.

Equipment is far tougher to come by than new heroes are in this game, but once you unlock the ancient summon, be sure to do it as often as possible in order to get new equipment. The ancient summon will require you to battle for equipment, and the battles will become increasingly more difficult, so once you hit a sticking point, level up your heroes and upgrade their current equipment for awhile, and then come back to the battles in the ancient summon area later.

You can try battles as many times as you want to, because there is no energy system in this game, so if you lose a tough battle, the solution is sometimes simply to try the battle again. You may win by sheer luck, especially if the result was a close one the last time that you played. This can especially ring true with bosses, because so much of the boss battle depends on where your characters decide to aim.

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