Hero DeckMasters – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Hero DeckMasters is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms. You are on a quest to stop some group called The Syndicate, because reasons, and because there’s an excuse needed for trading card action. Your goal in this game is to build a badass deck and use it to beat opponents both in the PvP modes and in the single player quests. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hero DeckMasters!

Your main recourse when you’re having issues with battles is to buy more cards, but if that doesn’t quite work then your next best bet is to start powering up your cards. You’ll end up with a lot of semi-useless one-star fodder cards in your travels, so use them to power up the cards in your current party, especially the rare/high star rating cards, as these will be the ones most affected.

Another thing to do when you are struggling is to go back to missions that you have already beaten and replay them. This can get tedious at times but you’ll load up on cards, gold and even token points, plus experience points. As you gain levels, you will be able to assign stat points to either AP or BP, so choose depending on whether you prefer questing or dueling against other players.

Evolving cards is a fairly complex affair in this game. Each card has its own combination of material cards that are necessary to make the evolution happen. This essentially involves merging the right combination of cards together to get a new card with a higher rarity. You will see the recipe light up on the evolution screen when you have all of the required cards to make it work.

After you evolve a card, its level will go back down to one. The next step is where the huge stat boost comes in. Boost the card again. It will boost really quickly again, just like it did the first time it was level 1, but naturally, the stats will be higher to begin with. So after you boost it, the stats will skyrocket yet again. A balance of boosting and evolving will give you an insanely powerful team.

Until you become an expert at this game, set the deck to “auto” so that the most powerful cards will always be in your party. Set both your attack and defense decks to auto, because you don’t want to be caught with your pants down in the arena.

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