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Hero Simulator – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Hero Simulator is a new not-a-clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as a skateboard-riding knight who does all kinds of jobs in order to earn gold and stars (honor points), which are then used to load up on weapons, upgrades, and to take on other jobs. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hero Simulator!

There is no clicking at all to do in this game. If you try to tap on the hero, he’ll simply give you a sarcastic quote or an irritated reaction. Instead, unlocking a new job or upgrading a job that you already do is the primary way to earn money and stars.

If you don’t want to just buy 1 upgrade at a time, hit the BUY X1 button to change it to either X10 or X100, allowing you to buy that many upgrades with just one tap. If you can’t afford 10 or 100 upgrades at a time, though, the purchase button will stay greyed until you switch it back to BUY X1.

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Purchase buildings to accommodate party members, then go to the party section of the store to hire people, and they will start completing quests for you. Don’t rent out any free space in your houses as you earn almost no coins for doing so.

You can load up on all kinds of other goodies in the store, which have different functions, but they all work to increase your gold and your honor points. The one other exception is that you can go to the Magic Shop and spend your Stamps (premium currency of the game) to purchase time gaps to earn loads of profit right away, or purchase permanent multipliers, which are far more desirable.

Hit the Reset Journey option and you will start over again from the beginning, but when you do, you will have multiplied gold and honor profits. You will also earn Hero Spirits, which let you progress in the Heroic Order and give you permanent multipliers, allowing you to purchase more goods, and more quickly each time.

You can earn free gold and honor points, in a method similar to buying the time lapse, by simply going to the date and time on your phone and changing the time. Set it ahead by an hour, a day, however long you want. If you want to enjoy the benefits and still set your phone time back to normal, then normalize the time and then use the Reset Journey option.