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Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars -Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars is a new MMORTS Clashalike for the iOS and Android platforms. You can fight with all kinds of troops, as well as a number of heroes based off of ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Native American and other cultures. Plus, you can join guilds with other players, battle it out against other player and against their guilds, and earn rewards such as nectar and gold, and gems. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars!

If you want to earn free gems, there are plenty of ways to do so. The main way is to complete the achievements, and then go and collect your rewards. Collect daily bonuses that show up in your mailbox. Also, remove the trees and rocks from around your base. They give you gems sporadically, and they will grow back over time once you remove them, giving you a consistent source of free gems.

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Having a good base layout is the biggest step towards achieving your goals. If you want to defend your gold and nectar, stick your town hall outside of your base so that players who are trophy-farming will kill it and throw you into a shield status without taking any (or many) of your resources. Of course, protect the town hall first and foremost if trophies and league play are your goal.

Maximize and collect from your gold and nectar collectors. And when you are farming, look for players whose bases are neglected, who haven’t collected from their collectors in awhile. Usually you can tell because their base will be overgrown with trees and rocks. Attack the collectors for big resources. For players whose bases have recently been tended to, the storages will be where you find most of the resources. Always collect from your mines and farms to keep other players from getting easy resources by attacking them.

Collect as many heroes as you can. Once a hero runs out of health, it will be out of commission for awhile, so the more heroes you have, the more you can swap heroes in and out in order to maximize how often you can go on the offensive.

When attacking other players, take a good look at their bases. Some players will be insanely tough to beat. Copy what they do with their bases. Take notes on the real good bases you see, and then use them as a starting point for how to build your own base to be an impenetrable wall. Walls are absolutely necessary, upgraded as much as possible, and defensive towers and buildings need to be maxed out and upgraded. Upgrade your town hall to unlock higher upgrade levels for everything else.