Heroes of Camelot: Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Heroes of Camelot is a brand new card battling game by Kabam, and as predicted by the name, it is a spinoff of the Kingdoms of Camelot franchise. This one is far more polished than most other card battling games, and it can be more challenging than they are, too. Read on for some tips and tricks for Heroes of Camelot!

Building your deck requires far more strategy in this game than in other card battlers, because you can’t just automatically pick your deck and then be done with it. Each time that you find new cards in the questing scenes, go to the party menu and decide what you want to do with them. You can either put them in your party, sell them, or use them for upgrades.

If you want to use them for upgrades, go to the upgrade menu. Pick one of your rarest and most powerful cards to upgrade, because you’ll want the upgrades to have a lasting effect. Sacrifice until a card hits its maximum level to make it VERY powerful.

You can evolve your cards right away if you want instant gratification, but for the maximum stat boost, it is better to wait until they are at their max level. Some of your stats carry over from the evolved cards (equivalent of 5% of each of the evolved cards’ stats), but if you increase them to their maximum levels before evolving them, then that doubles the percentage of carryover when evolving.

Usually, cards will have four stages of evolution, which really isn’t worth much if you don’t max-level them, but if you do max-level them, you can end up with EXTREMELY powerful cards. With “e” being the card, e1 + e1 = e2. e2 + e2 = e3, and e3 + e3 = e4. So as you can see, it takes quite a few sacrificed e1 cards to get that maximum evolution card.

Even then, for all of that work, the cards won’t end up being any more powerful than a good 3-star or 4-star card. The max level, max evolution thing is really only worth it if you don’t have a good deck loaded with rare cards. If you do, then level your rare cards as high as you can, and if you get lucky enough to get a duplicate, then evolve them when they hit max level.