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Heroes Charge – List of all hero soul stone locations, page 1

Heroes Charge is an RPG with collection elements for the iOS and Android platforms. All of the heroes can be acquired if you get the right amount of soul stones, although you have to get quite a few of them to earn the rarer heroes. Plus, if you want to evolve a hero, you use the same exact thing in order to do so – the soul stones! Read on for the list of how to get every single Soul Stone in Heroes Charge!

NOTE: All dungeons listed are elite dungeons.
Professional Killer: Chapter 5: Cold Dead Hands, Chapter 7: Tears of Irin, Chapter 8: As Above, So Below
Admiral: Chapter 3 Blood and Salt, Chapter 12 The Chamber of the Mountain King
Leaves Shadow: Chapter 2 Friends or Enemies, Chapter 8 The Old Steps, Chapter 12 The Shores of Lake Kataz
Emberstar: Chapter 2 The Crucible, Chapter 5 The Walls of Caralnoch, Chapter 12 Into the Fields of Tyre
Lightning Master: Chapter 1 A Hammer in the Trees, Chapter 12 Hammers and Axes from the Vines
Chaplain: Capter 2 More Clues, Chapter 4 Back Under the Leaves

Cleric: Chapter 1 Upon the Spike, Chapter 3 Trees to Sand, Chapter 5 Turncoats and Traitors
Shallows Keeper: Chapter 3 From Within the Shoals, Chapter 4 The Chamber of Caralnoch, Chapter 8 The Nedan Coils
Machinist: Chapter 1 Following the Trail, Chapter 11 Clearing the Last Keep of Tyren, Chapter 12 The Spire of Skulaska
Sniper: Chapter 2 Strange Allies, Chapter 6 Short Alliances, Chapter 10 Hurting the Amun Stealer
Ice Mage: Chapter 2 Hunting the Maiden, Chapter 3 Over the Seas

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War Chief: Chapter 1 Climbing to the Stars, Chapter 4 These Old Bones, Chapter 7 The Cold of the Draugr
Mountain: Chapter 7 Broken Homes and Hearts, Chapter 9 Crack
Lightning Elemental: Chapter 2 The Broken Chain, Chapter 4 The Flooded Cavern
Soulhunter: Chapter 1 Lord of the Draugr, Chapter 7 One Falls, Two Rise
Imperial Executioner: Chapter 6 The Thebanfort, Chapter 7 Two Minds

Succubus: Chapter 5 The Path to Falspar, Chapter 9 Elite, Chapter 10 Glittering Desires
Wind Master: Chapter 4 An Empty Home, Chapter 5 A Clear Path
Depths Voice: Chapter 4 Ahead of the Nedan, Chapter 10 The Tyren Challenge
Savage One: Chapter 3 Taking the Helm, Chapter 4 The Storm’s Eye, Chapter 8 To the Heart of the Skurnij
Vengeance Spirit: Chapter 3 Back Upon the Krasten, Chapter 6 Fresh Sand and Spray, Chapter 12 Champions for Champions

Necromancer: Chapter 5 The Beating of Shields, Chapter 7 To the Heart of Amun Thun
Master Mage: Chapter 6 The Dead Walk, Chapter 8 The Defilement
Shadow Shaman: Chapter 2 Kreln’s Tribes, Chapter 6 Cleansing Fires
Bear Warrior: Chapter 6 Breaking Bones, Chapter 9 An Old Enemy + The Forest of Horrors
Psychopath: Chapter 11 Take One Head and Another, Chapter 12 The Heart of Industry

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