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5) How to get a whole lot of free gems
The top way to do so is to fight and win in the arena and increase your rank. The more that you increase it, the more gems that you win. Plus, you get gems as an arena rank bonus on a daily basis. Additionally, every time that you complete a chapter in campaign mode or a new stage in elite campaign, you win free gems.

4) Buy ten chests at the same time.
If you buy ten bronze chests at the same time, you will earn one guaranteed blue item. If you buy ten gold chests at the same time, you will win one whole guaranteed hero. They’re expensive, but if you want a new rare hero, they are worth it.

3) Raid old stages as often as possible.
Raiding essentially lets you finish an entire battle without actually engaging in the battle, thus letting you take advantage of the benefits such as gold, prizes, and team experience points, with the additional bonuses of things like experience salves and equipment. Any time that you get raid tickets, use them!

2) Keep going until you unlock everything.
This counts stuff like the Crusades and the Guild. The Crusades are like a tougher version of the Time Rift or the Campaigns; they get harder and harder as you play and succeed, making them the ultimate challenge in the game. The guild is your final unlock in this game, and this lets you team up with other players and send each other gifts, as well as to chat in your own guild-specific chat room.

1) Be sure to always collect your sign in bonus every day.
Sign in bonus always differ daily, and the more days that you play in a row, the bigger the bonuses you get. This is also one of your best sources for gems, as well as equipment, soul stones, and just about anything else that you can expect to find in this game.

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