Heroes of Dragon Age: Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Heroes of Dragon Age is the first mobile entry into the popular Dragon Age console-game franchise. The graphics are true to the original games, but being that this is a mobile game, the gameplay actually resembles a lot of card-battler games more than a true RPG. Your goal is to build a team of four regulars and one large creature and quest through various worlds as well as battle against other players. Along the way you can collect gold and gems, as well as build a large collection of heroes and monsters and (of course) dragons. Read on for some tips and tricks for Heroes of Dragon Age!

Fill your team with the rarest heroes that you can. Uncommon heroes are guaranteed from the warrior packs, but surprisingly, they aren’t uncommon in the recruit packs as well. Rare heroes can even pop up in both packs, though they are guaranteed in the champion packs. Spend all of your gold and (if you earn enough) gems from your quests on card packs (warrior card packs recommended) until your whole team is uncommon or rare.

Then, once that’s the case, start loading up on recruit packs so that you can consume common cards for levels. Even though you can also level up from just battling and questing, consuming also increases the gaining card’s chance for a 2X hit (which is especially effective for cards with multi hit attacks). Combine (evolve) two identical monsters to not only power them up massively but to combine both of their experience levels together.

The top way to get free gems is to master various quests. Go to the quests that take the least play-throughs to master, first, so that you can earn gems quickly and easily, and save them up (whether you are saving them for card packs or simply for energy refills).

When organizing your team, how you organize is just as important as who you add to your team. The two heroes in front will have a health bonus, while the two heroes in the back will have a higher chance at 2x critical attacks.

You will notice that as you come closer to achieving mastery in a particular stage, the battles tend to get harder and harder, especially on the last battle before you earn your free gems. This isn’t just your imagination – they actually DO get harder and harder, so go fight other battles to level up if you’re having a hard time beating that last battle.

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