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Heroes of Dragon Age – How to win without spending any money

Heroes of Dragon Age is the latest in the vaunted RPG series, and this time, the game is free for the Android and iOS platforms. Like almost all free mobile games, this one has a number of in app purchases that you can buy; however, it’s entirely possible to get full enjoyment out of the game without having to purchase them, and to get as far as you want to go without spending your money. Read on for a guide on how to win without spending any money in Heroes of Dragon Age!

The main in-app purchase that you can buy in Heroes of Dragon Age is Gems. Gems are used to purchase almost any premium good in the game, from a full refill of your energy and stamina to more and better card packs so that you can have more powerful heroes on your team.

However, there are plenty of ways to earn free diamonds without having to resort to purchasing them. The most common way is to achieve mastery on a certain stage. Replaying the same battle over and over gets FAR tougher because the enemy heroes level up every time, though, so if you are having a hard time with a particular replay, level up your cards via battling and consuming before you come back.

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Another way to get free gems (and large coin bonuses) is to beat an entire map in the quest mode, and then to go for a new map. This can sometimes take awhile because you run out of energy and stamina, but try to time your quest and battle modes so that you can gain an experience level in battle (not for a card, but for your overall player level), as that will give you a full restore of energy and stamina. You can buy more energy or stamina, but that costs diamonds.

One way to spend money is spending two dollars on the Ultimate card pack, which guarantees you either an epic of legendary card; but this is not necessary either, as the champion card pack, which costs 38 diamonds, and even the warrior card pack, which costs 1500 coins, have a chance at earning you rare, epic or legendary cards. Pre-existing cards can be far improved upon by combining them, as well, and if you can combine the same type of card multiple times and race through the tiers, you can end up with seriously powerful cards.

Continue to look for other ways to get free diamonds, too. You can send a text message once per day from within the game (click the mail icon to get there) for two free gems. It doesn’t even matter who you send it to – you can send it to yourself for all that matters.