Heroes of Atlan – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

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Heroes of Atlan is a new turn based RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. There is a long and story-driven single player mode backed up by some of the more beautiful 2D graphics on mobile platforms, but you can compete with other players in PvP modes, as well as unlock other goodies the further you get into the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Heroes of Atlan!

-Want to power up your heroes quickly? First, make sure that your troops are equipped with as much gear as possible. Then, temper the gear to strengthen it. Your gear can be strengthened to a level equal to the character’s level.
-More equipment can be acquired in multiple ways, either from rewards in battle, rewards for events and other random things, or by spending one of your many forms of currency in the store or black market.

-Want to get more troops? Recruit them in the pub, but you are limited based on your overall experience level as well as your fame.
-The fastest way to gain experience levels is to complete the quests (main quests and the side quests). The faster you complete them, the faster that you will gain levels (not your characters, but your account).

-For your character to gain levels quickly, go to any old level that you have already beaten, and start a battle – preferably the hardest level that’s been beaten already due to higher rewards. Hit “skip” to finish the battle immediately and gain your rewards (gold, etc). Repeat until your energy runs out.
-Tap on any segment of the menu screen that glows and flashes to get whatever rewards you’ve earned. Free energy, which is earned once per day, is one of them.

-Fight in the arena to earn more fame, which will allow you to get higher-tier heroes from the pub.
-To win in the arena, try to go after the players that have the lowest experience level (the little number, not the main big number assigned to them, which is their overall rank in the arena). The lower the level, the weaker their characters are. Refresh as soon as you beat all of the easy opponents. Repeat as often as possible (or as often as your refreshes will allow you to)

-Add as many friends as you can. You automatically get free diamonds and free energy for all of the friends you have, so there is literally no downside. You have to log in with Facebook in order to add friends, but you don’t need to post anything on FB. You can go to “Find Friends” after logging in, and the game will pop up a random list of friends for you to add.

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