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Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights is a new MMO action strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms. This Clashalike puts you in the camp of either Knights or Orcs, and once you pick, you can play as one, and you’ll always fight against the other one. Read on for some tips and tricks for Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights!

In general, orcs are more powerful, while you can send more knights into battle at a time. Different buildings will have different limits at different headquarter levels, giving a distinct numbers advantage to the knights. The orcs have an advantage when it comes to how powerful each troop is – you just can’t send as many in at the same time most of the time.

Defensively, whatever strategies you used in Clash of Clans will generally work here. To maintain high trophies, make sure that your headquarters is the most protected building on your base. When you are farming for oil and gold, make sure that your resource storages are heavily guarded, and be constantly diligent about collecting from your resource collectors, so that other players can’t go for the easy resource snipe. Make other players work for your resources.

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Go for the easy resource snipe yourself, by looking for players without a league ranking who appear to have abandoned their bases (you can generally tell by lots of built up trees and rocks). These players will generally have some loot that is really easy to get. Town hall snipes are good if you want to build up trophies – just look for players who have stuck their town halls outside of their bases, for farming purposes. The more trophies you build up, the more achievements you can complete and earn free gems.

If you get sick of getting attacked and losing your resources, and even putting your town hall on the outside of your base is not helping, drop your trophies until you are in the midst of a bunch of weaker players. Drop them just low enough that you find a lot of abandoned bases, so that you can raid and gain resources as well. Don’t drop them so low that you won’t find anybody with any sort of good resources whatsoever.

Win battles in order to find materials, and then use those materials to forge relics that you can equip your chief with. Also, look for other items, such as a builder’s hammer. Once you win a builder’s hammer or purchase it, you can build another builder’s hut, which will allow you to complete more construction projects at the same time.