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Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures is a new level-based tactical RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You get a selection of dozens of differnet unlockable characters, loads of game modes which are also unlockable, and tons of ways to upgrade your characters so that your party eventually becomes unstoppable. Then once the single-player mode gets old, you can fight against other players and their parties as well. Read on for some tips and tricks ofr Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures!

The main way to upgrade your party members is to level them up, which is done by battling or by using the various experience point upgrade materials; beyond that, each party member can equip six different items. Once all of their equipment slots are filled, hit the Promote button and the equipment will disappear, but all of their stats will be upgraded. Then there will be a whole new list of goodies that they can get.

If you are looking for a piece of equipment but can’t find it, go to the profile of the party member who needs the equipment. Tap on the missing piece, then hit “Gather” on the next pop up, and it will show you where to go in order to find that piece of equipment as a drop. You can also check the General Store to see if it’s popped up there as well.

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Oftentimes a green hammer will appear in an empty equipment slot, which means you can forge said piece of equipment. If a yellow plus sign appears, that means you have the equipment but your hero is not at a high enough experience level to equip it yet. You can enchant a piece of equipment from the storage area, but generally this is best used when your hero has already been promoted once or twice and won’t be again for awhile, as when you promote again, the enchantment’s stat boosts don’t last.

Raid cards allow you to instantly beat a level that you have already three-starred. Not only is this great for increasing your player level (which unlocks new places on your world map) but you can find equipment rapidly this way, as well as Hero Diaries for quick level-ups. Spread your raids out to various places all over the world map so that you can gather diverse pieces of equipment quickly.

Upgrading your VIP level earns you all kinds of bonuses, but the only way to do that is either to buy crystals, to buy coins, or to buy stamina. If you don’t care about the VIP level, though, you can find free crystals, coins or stamina bonuses by earning them within the game itself, such as by level completion rewards, or by completing tasks and achievements.