Hexonia: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Hexonia is a new strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms by Togglegear made for fans of Risk or Stratego or games such as Polytopia. You play as one of many tribes such as the Frelia, Hann, Arabis or Ragnarr tribes, and your goal is to move one tile at a time and take over every rival city on the board in order to boot out the rival tribes. You can do this by taking over cities and building up your own, researching for better troops and structures, and battling against fighters on other city tiles so that you can take them over. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hexonia!

At the beginning, you start off with only one difficulty level (trainee) and one tribe (Frelia). All of the other difficulties can be unlocked with achievements – get Rookie by winning twice in Trainee, get Elite by winning three times in Rookie, and get Master by winning three times in Elite. You can unlock the Hann by completing Eye of the Tiger (unlock five other achievements total) and Arabis by completing Great Ball of Fire (unlocking ten total other achievements).

The most important thing to do in any game is to build up your gold stores, which is done mostly by capturing more cities, but also by increasing the levels of the cities that you currently hold. Do this by developing within their territory by collecting apples, cheese, building farms on farm-capable plots, and more. Various forms of research are required, which require coins (of course).

Use the research to unlock new troops, as well. The basics are the warriors. Archers can attack from one more tile away, so that you can stick them behind guards and warriors and let them do a ton of damage. Station the archers two tiles away from any city that you’re trying to take, so that you can easily knock off whoever the opposing player tries to spawn.

Whenever you upgrade your city, you can choose your bonus, such as more sight, more territory, more gold, etc. Anytime that you get the chance to expand the territory of your city, take it instantly. And when you’re offered the opportunity for free upgrade points to your city, take it. The next level after that will earn you the strongest troop (for Frelia it’s the Stone Golem), which moves fast and does a ton of damage.

Don’t just capture cities; excavate ruins, too, so that you can grab as many rewards as possible from them. Research the sea and you can send any of your troops out. They’ll become boats and they’ll be able to capture cities across the water, collect clams, and more.

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