Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes World Games – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

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Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes World Games is a new semi sequel to the original Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes, a smash hit on various platforms. Your goal in this game is the same as it was in the last one – find the clues, put them together, catch the killer. However, the twist is that in this one, the setting is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on the eve of the “world games”. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes World Games!

You only have a certain amount of energy in this game, and once it runs out it normally takes awhile for it to come back. You can restore it much more quickly, though, if you set the time ahead on your phone or tablet. Set the time ahead, then go back to the game, and your energy will be restored as long as you set it ahead enough. That’s the time lapse cheat.

Best part is, once you do this, go back to the date and time settings yet again. Then set the time on your phone or tablet back to normal. Now go back to the game yet again. The energy will still be full, but the time on your device will be back to normal. Because of this, you can do the trick as many times as you want without throwing your phone time too far out of whack.

You get bigger rewards when you score more points on a scene. Play the same scene over and over again to maximize points without having to use hints, because you’ll memorize where everything is, making it easy to tap very quickly. The faster you find your items, the more multipliers you can get.

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If you aren’t sure what something is, do the reverse-pinch to zoom in and see it in better detail. You can zoom in as much or as little as you want, and zoom back out just the same.

Connect the game to Facebook and you’ll egt 50 free gems. Try not to spend those gems, though. Use those and other free gems you earn to save up for premium items, rather than trying to speed stuff up. Oh, and anything that you have to wait for in the cases (such as something to unlock), you can speed up using the time lapse cheat as well.

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