Skip to Content Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide is a new game for the iOS and Android that’s essentially a MMO version of hide and seek. You either play as a member of the tagger team (seekers), seeking out objects, or you play as a member of the hiding team, as an object that you have to place in a spot that’s hard to get to. You can earn coins, try to get on the winning team, and play on whatever channel you want to. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

If you get placed in the tagger team when you first play, you’re going to have no idea what you’re doing. What you want to do here is look for objects that are moving, since you won’t quite know what the objects are when they are standing still. Or, look for objects which there are multiples of. Punch them when you see them in order to tag them. Don’t punch walls or doors though, as you’ll lose your health.

If you get placed on the hiding team, you’ll be turned into a specific object depending on what playing field you’re on. You can pay 30 coins to change the object if you feel like your object is too obvious or too easy to find. Your goal here is simply to hide and to run if you get caught, so that the other player doesn’t tag you.

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If you get knocked out of the game early, then watch some advertisement videos so that you can earn coins. You might as well do the videos anyways, because you have to wait in order to get put into another game, unless you pay coins to make a comeback after you get found (if you are on the hiding team). The ad videos will earn you coins, and they will kill time until you can start back over again.

So what can you spend coins on besides restarting as a hider or changing your object? Go to the shop right when you open the game and you’ll have options. You can spend 50 coins to change the color of your name, or you can spend 500 coins to add a skin slot. You can spend 10 coins if you want to change what channel you are playing on.

You have to pay 50 coins if you want to quit in the middle of a game, but there’s a cheaper and easier way to do that. Simply close out of the game by doing the app menu option on iPhones, and getting rid of the game card (the method is different on an iPhone X than other iPhones). Then open the game back up and you’ll be able to start over again with no coins spent.