High School Story: Classmate Party Combination List Part 2 – More combinations

Welcome to part 2 of the High School Story Classmate Party Combination list! Click here to go back to part 1 of the list.

Back in part 1 of the guide, we went over how to get every classmate type from the parties when you don’t yet have that classmate type. However, there are a few more combinations that work in order to get who you want. Here are all of the rest of the combinations. Note: The following have about a 50/50 or 1/3 chance of working, otherwise they will bring up the other student type you use instead.

Cheerleader + (any other student type) = Cheerleader
Student Gov + (any other student type) = Student Gov
Gamer + (any other student type) = Gamer
Artist + any other student type = Artist
Jock + (any other student type) = Jock
Prep + (any other student type) = Prep
Nerd + (any other student type) = Nerd
Dancer + (any other student type) = Dancer
Filmmaker + (any other student type) = Filmmaker
Actor + (any other student type) = Actor
Homecoming Queen or King + (any other student type) = Homecoming Queen or Homecoming King

In addition, having two of the same classmate party together will give you that same type of classmate 100 percent of the time:
Cheerleader + Cheerleader = Cheerleader
Student Gov + Student Gov = Student Gov
Gamer + Gamer = Gamer
Artist + Artist = Artist
Jock + Jock = Jock
Prep + Prep = Prep
Nerd + Nerd = Nerd
Dancer + Dancer = Dancer
Filmmaker + Filmmaker = Filmmaker
Actor + Actor = Actor
Homecoming Queen or King + Homecoming King or Queen = Homecoming Queen or Homecoming King

On top of all of these combinations, you have gender to consider too. The gender of every combination, though, is completely randomized. Partying a boy and a girl could earn you either a boy or a girl, partying two boys could earn you a boy or a girl, and partying two girls could earn you either a boy or a girl. Changing the genders of the ones that you party with makes absolutely zero difference whatsoever.