High School Story (iOS/Android): How to get free rings and more coins

High School Story is a game where you are a high school student who, for some reason, is put in charge of building the entire high school and recruiting people from the nearby rival school, Hearst High, via throwing parties and building hangouts and classrooms. Rings are the premium currency of the game, and are very difficult to find and earn. Coins are the primary currency in the game, and while they are common, it’s still something that you’ll always need more of. Read on to find out how to get more rings and coins in High School Story!

Coins are simple in High School Story. Your main goal should be to maximize the number of hangouts that you have. Especially go for the nerd hangouts which can earn up to 3,500 coins at a time, and jock hangouts, which can earn up to 2,000 coins at a time. Prep hangouts only earn up to 1,000 coins at a time, although they do accumulate coins much more quickly, so for active players these are the best ones.

Set the time ahead on your phone in order to skip ahead, which will enable you to be able to earn coins very quickly. This also allows you to cut down the waiting period for quests, so that you race through them faster. The quests are a great source of coins.

Once you unlock the Isle of Love, send people on dates there, and send couples on dates over and over again. You’ll earn a coin bonus whenever a couple earns another heart – the more hearts they end up with, the bigger the heart bonus that they will earn.

To earn free rings, connect the game to Facebook and start linking your Facebook friends with classmates in the game. The game won’t post on Facebook unless you hit the “share” button after you link someone to a character, so if you don’t want them to know that they have been linked, they never have to know. You can get rewards for up to 20 of your linked classmates.

Certain quests can also earn you free rings, although these tend to be few and far between. In addition, you will earn a ring bonus every time that you gain an experience level, so work on gaining experience if you want to earn some free rings. You’ll earn 10 rings per experience level gained.

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