Highway Heat: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

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Highway Heat is a new iOS and Android racing game where instead of controlling the car, you draw the track that the car drives on. Your goal is to keep your car from crashing, while trying to crash cop cars, complete levels, and earn as many gems as you possibly can, while unlocking all sorts of new cars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Highway Heat!

The road follows your finger all throughout the level, so trace the route that you want the road to follow using your finger. Be careful that you don’t move your finger up too fast, or the car will launch into the air due to the big ramp. If you move down too fast and with not enough time for the car to react, it’ll go a bit airborne, which has the possibility to end your run if you hit a platform.

You can earn gems based on a few things. They’re based off of stars earned, cops wrecked, air time, and off-road time. Wrecking a cop is tough, bu the technique is to execute a near-miss with a platform, because the cop often jumps higher and has slightly more airtime than you do, so they’ll often smash into a platform.

To get airtime, launch your car into the air for the longest periods of time possible. An easy way to do this is to start at the bottom, then tap the top of the screen, then tap the bottom of the screen. The road will jerk all the way from bottom to top to bottom, launching your car in the air for a long period of time. And for off-road, launch your car up onto a platform and let it drive on the platform.

You can unlock a whole host of cars, most of which are based on hero cars from various 1980s and 1990s shows and movies such as Magnum P.I., Back to the Future, and Batman. They all perform similarly, but they look different and the smaller ones are slightly less likely to crash into platforms. Some cost gems, while one, you need to watch three ad videos to unlock, and the other can be unlocked by leaving a five-star review.

If you crash at the end of a run, hit continue to restart from where you left off. You’ll have a much easier time trying to beat the level again if you do it this way. If you want to get rid of all involuntary ads, you can do the ad-free in app purchase. Flipping it into airplane mode gets rid of all ads, including the ones that you would actually want to watch (continue videos, gem doublers, etc)

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