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HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales is a new action RPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Nexon. You can pick from one of four characters here and play in countless single-player stages, as well as in a well fleshed-out PvP mode. You can earn weapons, armor, and all sorts of other goodies, and upgrade and improve your characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales!

While you can control the game manually, it’s far quicker to turn on the auto-battle option. You can also turn on auto-skill options in exchange for spending gold, but it’s a bit worthless to use because the timing of skill usage is subpar and the cost can outweigh the benefits in gold. Turn on auto-battle and you can still control your skills yourself.

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Know the benefits and the drawbacks when picking characters. Hugo is big and strong but a bit less agile. Lucas is a good mix of speed, strength and defense. Anika is strong and fast but has weak defenses, while Kiki, the mage, is best for long-distance attacking. You can pick a different character whenever you want to try out something different.

You can earn skill points as you go, and they can be spent to add new skills and strengths to your characters. You have a ton of options – far more than you would be able to spend all of your skill points on – but luckily, at any time you will be able to reset your skill points if you want to try out something different.

Each character can use up to three skills in battle, out of a total of six that can be chosen for the loadout. They unlock at levels 1, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 52. You’ll want to swap them out as needed in order to gain an advantage against different types of enemies on different sorts of levels.

If you are experiencing slowdown on the game due to a phone or tablet with specs that are a bit old, go to the options menu and you will be able to tone down the graphical quality in exchange for the boost in speed. You can also replay any cutscenes that you want to watch again in order to fill in gaps with the story.