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hocus. – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

hocus. is a minimalist puzzle game app for the iOS and Android with an MC Escher cubist influence by You have loads of levels that you can play, each one more complicated and tougher, and more of an optical illusion than the next. Your goal is to roll your cube from the beginning to the end, but that often becomes a lot harder than it sounds. Read on for some tips and tricks for hocus.!

The great thing about this game is that being a premium game, you don’t need to look at any ads or buy anything. However, there are also no methods of skipping a level that you can’t beat. Most of the levels are fairly easy in this game, but many of them can become very difficult when they have a ton of directions for you to go.

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Not all directions will be available to you at all times. Look at the black dot at the top of the screen to see what directions you can move from the point that you are currently at. Look at the path which sends you to a different side of the square tube. Unless you’re two or three steps away from winning, this is usually the right path.

If you get a little bit too stuck and you want to start over, hit the back button and then pick out the level that you were just playing. You’ll end up back at the beginning of the level, so that you can try another path without having to go all the way back to where you started. This especially helps if you are a little bit lost.

If it looks like you are blocked on one path by another path, try swiping through it, because sometimes, the overpass path is just that – an overpass, not a blockade, meaning that you can go underneath it. You can’t always see that though due to the perspective of the game.

You can stop your cube in the middle of its roll at any time by tapping on the screen without swiping in any particular direction. Typically you won’t need to do this as the cube will stop automatically at any intersections, but if you need to look around a bit more or you realize that the path your cube is rolling is useless and you want to turn back, this can be a useful tool.