Hole.io: All Modes Guide – How to win in Classic, Battle, and Solo Modes

Hole.io is Voodoo’s new multifaceted .io game with multiple modes, each of them being completely different from the other. Classic challenges you to score the most points possible within two minutes of time. Battle challenges you to be the last hole alive on the level. Solo run has you as the only hole on the level, and your goal is to eat the entire city within the two minute time period. Read on for strategies on how to finish in first place most often on Hole.io’s three modes!

Classic mode is the easiest mode to win, because there are seven holes in one level, and even if you get eaten, you come back. Use this mode to memorize the map, because two of the most important areas to go at the beginning of the game are the central street (with the trees and the bollards) and the park, because you can eat all of the fences, trees, and people. Blow through the parks at the beginning to load up on the points.

Once you blow through parks and get big, hit the parking lot nearby, then hit the small buildings nearby. When you’re done with this, you’ll be huge. Go hunt down more sets of small buildings, then move onto the bigger buildings. And make sure to eat other holes whenever you see them, as holes give you the most points per eating session.

Battle mode is a bit different, as there are 20 holes on screen, and your goal is to be the last hole standing. Find the central street and the parks again, but avoid other holes, as well. Stay away from the other holes and let them eat each other for a bit. Go to the areas that are full of small objects or people, eat them up, and get bigger.

Get big using the parks, parking lots, and small building clusters, then start hunting down the other holes that are left over on the map, and eat them. If you and one or two other holes are left over, and they are bigger than you, then work on eating the bigger buildings until you’re big enough to eat the last hole or two. Then go and get that win.

The solo run mode is the hardest one to win at. It’s all about map memorization. If you start near the central street or the park, you’re golden, but you won’t start at either one of those most of the time, so memorize the map in order to get to those two locations as quickly as possible. Then eat the parking lot next to the park, eat small buildings, then go on and destroy the rest of the level before the two minutes run out.