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You can create a multiplayer room, as long as you have other players around who also have on their phones or tables, and as long as you have bluetooth enabled. Make sure everyone around has their bluetooth enabled as well. Create the room, get the other players to join the room, and then you can begin your multiplayer play. Or, if someone else makes a room, hit the join button to join their room as well.

You can pick from one of many different colors as the surrounding color of your hole. All of them are available right from the beginning, with no actions required to unlock any of the colors. The gameplay doesn’t change, only the color that surrounds your hole. If you don’t find a color you like, just watch for updates and update the game as soon as a new update becomes available, so that you have first access to any new colors.

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If you want to get rid of ads, then the most permanent and convenient way to do so is to buy the ad-free mode. This costs only 2 dollars, or whatever the equivalent in non-US currency is, so if the ads are bugging you, they’re easy to get rid of. Alternatively, if you’re cheap, you can set your device to airplane mode and then when you play the game again, the ads will disappear.

If you’re just barely big enough to swallow cars but not big enough to swallow the whole thing just by moving under them, then move under either the back or the front of them. Wait for them to tip over, and then move towards the car to swallow the rest of it. Keep this going until you’re big enough to swallow cars much more easily.

Occasionally, when you begin a game, you’ll be offered a video ad in order to start bigger. This will put you at a HUGE advantage (no pun intended) because you will be able to eat objects that other players won’t be able to eat yet. So if you are looking to get the highest score possible, take the video ad offer, start big, and eat well.

When you do take this ad offer, the first thing you should do is to eat the other holes around you, which will cause you to grow extremely quickly. Then roam around the sidewalks and parks and chow down, get huge, and then start eating the buildings, and of course, eat every other hole that you see as they are worth the most points. Do this until you have over 1,000 points.

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