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If you’re big enough to move buildings around but you’re not big enough to eat them effortlessly yet, then move slower through the buildings. Moving too quickly will cause you to move them around but not eat them. Move at about half speed. When you do this, you’ll give them more time to fall into your hole, so you can eat them quickly and grow bigger.

Even when you get huge quickly, don’t ignore large clusters of smaller items and people. This includes public parks, fire hydrants, bollards, and traffic cones. Race through them to get a ton of quick, cheap and easy points. Sometimes, these are even easier to get a ton of points from than eating buildings.

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If you’re not big enough to eat something easily, then avoid it. This includes traffic signals when you’re small, cars when you’re just barely medium-sized, and buildings when you’re just barely small-sized. Don’t spend too much time trying too hard to eat them. Just move on and eat something smaller, until you get bigger.

It’s easy to avoid getting eaten by other players, surprisingly. Simply keep racing off in the same direction, and eventually they will lose interest and move onto something else. When you’re the one doing the chasing, though, do the opposite and keep moving toward a hole that is moving away from you. They’ll lose focus and start slowing down, and changing direction, so eat them when they do this.

You’ll earn the most experience points when you finish in the top three, but even if you don’t, you will still earn one star for finishing in last place. Each star goes toward increasing your rank, so keep playing, keep practicing, and keep earning the solo stars, and as you get better at the game, you’ll begin earning your 10 stars for second place, or even 20 stars for first place.

All of the other holes in the single-player mode are computer-controlled, of course. If you play in a multiplayer room against six other players, their strategies are going to be far different. Always race ahead to try to eat things before the other players get to them, but as far as strategies for eating other holes, they’re going to be much different with real-life players.

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