Hole.io – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Hole.io is a new multiplayer .io-style game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to eat everything possible. Eat people, cars, buildings, and even other holes in order to earn points and become the top scoring player in the Hole.io universe. You can grow the size of your hole, change the colors of the hole, and gain ranks to establish yourself as a dominant player. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hole.io!

When you first begin as a small hole, you’ll have to eat small objects. Find the stuff that’s clustered together and easy to eat, such as the bollards on the sidewalk, or people. Even though you can eat trees and streetlights, don’t target them as they tend to be tough to get down, and they don’t tend to be clustered together, so you won’t be able to earn too many points.

There’s a number of skins in this game. Many of them will be ready to use right from the beginning. However, more of them are consistently being added to the game, including ones that you can unlock by completing various actions. You can unlock all skins in the game without having to spend anything; some of them are easy, while some of them are extremely difficult.

Once you become big enough to eat cars, go up and down the streets and find a spawn point where cars appear, and find parking lots and eat all of the cars there to get rapid points. You can essentially roam up and down a street, waiting for cars to spawn; make sure to get both sides of the road so that you can maximize your car intake.

If you find a public park, raze it, because that’s something that will earn a LOT of points due to the sheer volume of people and objects there. Fences, posts, trees, people, benches – everything can be eaten, and you’ll grow rapidly if you go through a park and eat everything there.

Once you get really big, you will be able to eat entire buildings, and buildings are worth a LOT of points, so eat them. Start with the small buildings that are clustered together, and then move on to the larger buildings as you begin to grow in size so that you can rack up 10 points per large building that you eat.

Of course, nothing will earn you more points than eating other holes. Eat other holes and you can earn anywhere between 25 and over 50 points at a time depending on the size of the hole. Small holes will have a hard time seeing you, so chase after them and eventually they’ll either stop or turn and enable you to easily run straight into them. Be sure to avoid getting eaten, though, because not only will an opposing hole earn points, but you’ll be off the map for ten seconds. If you do get eaten, though, use the time to search out somewhere good to respawn so that you can load up on points when you come back.

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