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Hollywood Story: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Hollywood Story is a new celebrity-simulator for the iOS platform by Nanobit Software. This game puts you in the shoes of a budding star or starlet, and your goal is to make it from the bottom of the New York pile (no Hollywood for this game, oddly enough) to the top of the A-list and the covers of all of the celebrity rags. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hollywood Story!

The game is essentially a grind from audition to audition, but sometimes you won’t have all of the items that you need to make it into one of the auditions. If this is the case, then go outside and start searching around all of the items that you see. Trash cans, old newspapers, and other seeming garbage are all fair game.

Right now, there is some kind of weird thing going on where the energy timer only takes one second to regenerate one energy. Eventually, Nanobit will discover this bug and squash it. When they do and you want to get your energy back right away, you’ll want to go to the date and time settings for the game and set the time ahead. For now, use the timer bug to your advantage and do as many auditions as possible.

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If you need a quick way to get from one place that you need to be at to another place, go to the map area in the upper right corner of the screen. If you go there, and you have an available quest to complete, then that area will be highlighted in yellow on the map scree, and if you tap it, you will automatically go back to that area. If you are already there, it will be highlighted in purple. You can still tap any non-highlighted area to go there as well.

You can go to the gym or to the drama factory to work on various skills. If you do so, then take advantage of the energy bug and use them until you max out your skills. The higher each skill is, the more fans that you will earn for each audition. You can work on drama, charisma and creativity at the drama factory, and body at the gym.

Keep a consistent audition schedule to earn more fans. If you forget about an audition you will lose fans, so if you are not planning on playing for awhile, just don’t go to the agent’s office and start an audition until you are planning to play on a regular basis again.