Hollywood U: Rising Stars – How to gain levels quickly and load up on experience points

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Hollywood U: Rising Stars is the spiritual sequel to High School Story, another Pixelberry smash hit from around a year ago. This one centers on the goings on at Hollywood U, a brand new school in the middle of Hollywood where movie stars, fashionistas, directors and a host of others perfect their craft. As you gain experience levels you unlock a whole lot of new things, but it can be a slow slog. Read on to find out how to speed up your gain of experience levels in Hollywood U: Rising Stars!

There is one main thing in this game that provides experience points, and that is to complete the main storyline quests. These are the quests that reward you with experience points; the other ones usually do not, although they present you with other rewards, such as diamonds. None of the other actions in this game will reward you with experience points, either. However, there are still ways to speed it along.

Put the workshop to your advantage. Make sure that you keep the levels of three specific characters high: your main character, Ethan and Addison. Almost without exception, these will be the characters who are involved in the main quests, and many of the quests will require them to be at a certain upgrade level.

Keep a good store of cash on you. Many of these quests will require you to pay someone cash, and while it’s cheap to begin with, it becomes more and more expensive as your levels get higher and higher. So make sure that you load up your dorms and collect from them often, upgrading them as you become able to do so.

When you are trying to speed level, stay out of the side quests and the dating. These will only make it so that your needed characters end up off doing something else when you would otherwise want them available for the main quests. Start working on the side quests only after you’re satisfied with your level and feel like slowing it down in order to earn some other rewards.

However, ALWAYS keep a stash of diamonds on you too, and if you are getting low, it might not be a bad idea to go off and do a VIP quest or a side quest once in awhile, as these tend to feature diamonds as a reward. And make sure to do the advertisement videos every time that they pop up. Sometimes you just want to speed things along and rush a job, and diamonds make that happen.

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