Hollywood U: Rising Stars – How to get free cash

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Hollywood U: Rising Stars takes over where Kim Kardashian: Hollywood left off when it comes to celebrity-simulation games. The goal here is to accumulate as much fame, as many students/entourage members, and as much cash as you can. Cash is the more common of the two currencies, yet still very crucial. Read on for some tips on how to get more cash in Hollywood U: Rising Stars!

The main way to get more cash is by collecting from your dorm rooms, so always make sure that you keep up on which dorms earn you the most cash. It’s the director dorms, at least until you unlock the upgrades for the other ones. Max out the number of dormitory buildings. Whenever you gain a level you unlock the ability to build more total dorm buildings, adding to the cash you can earn.

Max out your total number of characters for your dorms. Use the workshop to level up all of your characters as high as you can get them, because the higher their upgrade level, the more cash they earn you per hour. Once you have the ability to do so, build a second workshop so that you can upgrade two sets of people at the same time for even more fast cash earnings.

Get rid of all of the decor that you no longer need. This will not only make more space, it will save you money, and this includes the red carpet, marble tiles, and other stuff that was there when you started the game.

Defriend anybody in the entourage that you no longer want to keep around. When you do you will earn a small amount of cash, although the rarer they are, the more cash you will earn. For example, if you defriend an Action Hero, you’ll earn quite a bit more cash than if you defriend a Model or an Agent.

Complete the quests as fast as you can. Do this by tapping through all of the dialog and getting right to the rewards and to the part where you complete the quest itself. The quests are another way to earn fast money, so the more you complete the more you earn. The same is true for dating once you unlock Amour. You can date as many people as you want at a time so max out.

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