Hollywood U: Rising Stars – How to get free diamonds

By | December 13, 2014

Hollywood U: Rising Stars is Pixelberry’s second game and second smash hit in the iOS and Android app stores, the first being High School Story. This game, just like that one, has two main forms of currency, which are cash and diamonds. Diamonds are the premium form of currency, of course, meaning that they are rarer and more expensive, and while IAPs are normally the way to get them, there are plenty of ways to earn them for free. Read on for tips on getting free diamonds in Hollywood U: Rising Stars!

The top way to earn diamonds is by linking characters in your dorms to your Facebook friends or your Game Center friends. If you have no friends who play the game, invite people who play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood or High School Story, or find more friends who do. Make a secondary Facebook account and add people in the comments page on this article, fan pages on Facebook and other social networks, and on the App Store and Google Play review pages.

One way to get free diamonds is by doing the quests in the quests menu, and finishing them out until the very end especially. The end will typically have the biggest rewards, though even in the middle of the quest the rewards will be worthwhile. They are small amounts of gems, but they will add up.

What you should really look for, though, are the quests where you have to pay a certain number of diamonds just to get the privilege of beginning the quest. These are your VIP quests, and even though you have to pay diamonds to do them, you’ll earn more diamonds than you otherwise would on the free quests.

The same rules are true for dating once you unlock Amour, where you can take care of the date quests. You will see both ordinary quests here, which earn you a few diamonds per quest series, and the VIP dates, which earn more more diamonds than that.

While it has not been added to the game yet, the developers have announced that they plan to add advertisement videos that you can watch in exchange for free diamonds. Watch them until they run out, then wait for about fifteen to twenty minutes and watch them again. These will certainly skyrocket your free diamond rewards.

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