Hollywood U: Rising Stars – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

Need to know what two different types of people to combine together if you want to make a specific combination? Go to the store area and go to the “friends” part, and look at all of the friends that cost diamonds to buy rather than cash. Then look at their types. Then have those two types party together in Club VIP if you want to unlock the combination character that you need.

Different rarities will take different amounts of time to combine together in the Club VIP. For example, a less rare character will take five minutes to combine together while a rarer character may take between thirty minutes and several hours, depending on who it is and how many diamonds they cost in the store.

Want to make more space for buildings and earn a bunch of coins quickly? Start selling off any of the decor that you don’t need or want to keep around. This includes decor that has been previously used to complete other quests but that you no longer need. For example, benches can be sold, and even the red carpet and the marble path can be sold.

Each of the quests generally takes a specific amount of time to complete, and you have to pick a character that could be very specific, such as a level five Ethan, or nonspecific, such as a fashionista of any level. While you’re waiting for one quest to complete, do another one. Try to get as many quests completing at the same time as you can.

Generally, when it comes to the dialogue, you can get things done faster if you pick the nicer answer rather than the jerkier or meaner or crazier answer. This is something to remember if you want to speed along the various quests, even though all of the quests are pretty much set in stone anyways, and are typically going to end with the same conclusion and move you along to the same quest afterwards.

If you want the best use for all of those diamonds that you started the game with, it’s recommended to start with the second workshop, which is unlocked at experience level. This costs 300 diamonds, which is a fairly steep price, but the ability to upgrade two characters at the same time will dramatically speed up your quest completion rate and your ability to earn fast cash.

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