Hollywood U: Rising Stars – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Hollywood U: Rising Stars is Pixelberry’s second iPhone and Android app, the first being its spiritual prequel, High School Story. This one puts you in the shoes of the class of a brand new university on 1 Avenue of the Stars, and you and your cohorts are trying to become the new it thing in Hollywood, taking over for the rich girl who gets all the good jobs cuz her daddy’s the studio owner. Can you beat her? Read on to find how to do just that in Hollywood U: Rising Stars!

You can always have a specific amount of houses at a time, and you can split them up between jobs however you see fit. If you want to make the most money possible, it’s best to max out on the director houses specifically, as they hold the most money out of all of them before they need to be collected from. This enables you to go to sleep at night and then wake up to a larger amount of cash.

Unlike in High School Story, you can’t just add random Facebook friends and attach them to your dorm characters. They actually have to be playing the game in real life in order for you to bind a character to them. If you want to find people easier, use Game Center, or make a Facebook game account and add people from Hollywood U groups. Or invite anyone on your main account who plays Kim K: Hollywood. They will be likely to download this one too.

You’ll unlock Club VIP once you finish the Ready Set Pitch 2 quest. Once you unlock that, you can start mixing types of characters together in order to get other new types of characters, which can’t be purchased for cash in the store, only for gems. Partying together will get you all kinds of new characters in this game.

As far as progressing and gaining experience levels goes, tap on the quest menu to see what your quests are, because your main quests are where you will be doing most, if not all, of your leveling up. Most of them are mere dialog runs. Typically it doesn’t matter what answers you give here as you will complete the quests and earn the rewards anyways, so just give whatever answers you want.

If you want to tap through all of the dialogue quickly, tap with two different fingers, alternating, so that you can make the text race by. Don’t do this if you want control of how everything appears, though, because then you will end up just giving random answers to all of the asked questions.

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