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15) Link your side characters to your Facebook or Game Center friends for free diamonds.
You will earn diamonds for every friend that you link up. Don’t have too many friends who play the game, or any? Either have a side Facebook account for games, or start inviting your friends, preferably the ones who play either High School Story or Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, as they’ll most likely enjoy this game as well.

14) Where to find more Facebook friends if you have none and don’t want to invite any of your IRL friends
Look for more friends on the comment articles of this page, or look for friends in the Apple App Store or Google Play store reviews of the game, as most likely people will have posted their Add Me requests there. Also, look for people who have posted on the comments section of this and other articles about Hollywood U: Rising Stars.

13) Where to find more Game Center friends
In addition to the tips above, an easy way to find people on Game Center is to do the following. First, go to the social menu, and then hit the Game Center button. Go to the specific leaderboards after the leaderboard menu pops up, scroll down the list and start adding people. Add as many as you can, and eventually people will start adding you back, at which point you can link characters to them.

12) Max out your number of dorms.
One thing that many people neglect is simply having as many dorms as they can. Max out your total number of dorms in order to maximize the money that you can earn and the amount of friends you can have on campus. You get one extra dorm every time that you gain an experience level, so keep an eye on the store for an increase in maximum dorms.

11) Clone various friends in Club VIP.
Any time that you want to clone a particular type of friend in Club VIP, stick two of the same friend, such as a Model and Model or a Wardrobe and Wardrobe, into the club and let them party together, and another one of the same type will come out. This is an easy way to find the rarer gender of a particular type, such as a male Pop Star or a female Action Hero.

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