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5) Pay attention to the dialog, rather than just rushing through it.
Rushing through it can shave a few seconds off of your quests here and there, but you never know when you will have a multiple choice answer, especially one which requires you to answer in a very short amount of time, and as mentioned before, these kind of quests can result in a much longer time spent finishing them if you give the wrong answers.

4) Upgrade all of your dorms as soon as you get the chance to do so.
Once you unlock upgrades for your dorms, spend whatever you need to in order to upgrade them because you can earn a FAR higher amount of cash that way. Thousands and thousands of cash can be earned overnight, more than you would need for anything except the furthest-out expansions.

3) Set your timer to check the game at every two to three hours in order to catch all of the video ads.
They don’t appear often but if you are able to track them down, you can earn a LOT of diamonds in a relatively small period of time. Set the timer and then when it goes off, check the game and most likely a video will appear, unless your internet connection sucks. Keep doing this and watching the diamonds add up.

2) Build a second workshop.
Building a second workshop costs 300 diamonds, but doing so will allow you to train two of your friends or classmates at the same time, doubling the speed with which you can do upgrades. The higher your friends’ levels, the more coins they will earn per hour, making this an action that easily pays for itself.

1) Watch out for the updates.
Check the What’s New menu in the “help” area of the settings for new news of the game. Watch out for new characters to be added as you go. New quests will be added too, so if you somehow manage to run the game completely out of quests, wait for an update and loads of new quests will be added. With the holiday season, also, comes limited edition requests and loads of rewards.

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