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Home Design Story for iPhone: Get free gems!

In Home Design Story, if you can get more gems, you can get more of just about everything in the game, and you can make it all happen at a quicker rate of speed. Gems are the premium currency in the game, and normally, they cost real money to obtain. However, you look hard enough, there are ways for you to get free gems. Read on to find out how!

In this game, unlike in many others, you don’t get a free gem as a bonus when you gain an experience level. You also can’t get a gem for completing a quest (usually). Nor can you complete any kind of free offers for gems, since this game doesn’t use any of the free offer systems. Instead, there is a simple way to get gems in this game for free.

See when those quests pop up that require you to do something in another game such as Farm Story? Those quests will earn you free gems. The quest might not show as offering a reward for completing it, but they earn you gems in a round about way.

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Take the “install and play Farm Story” quest for example. This quest will pop up and then show up as offering no rewards. However, once you complete this quest, a ridiculously simple quest will pop up simply requiring you to visit a neighbor’s house, offering THIRTY GEMS as a reward. That’s 30 free gems, just to reiterate.

This is how all of the “other game quests” work in Home Design Story, and every single one of them will earn you free gems like this. Keep at them and you’ll earn more than enough free gems to buy a lot of premium goods that you normally would not be able to get without spending real money.

Also, if you complete a “series” of quests, such as the “Beach Fun” series (anything that shows up as a four part quest), you’ll earn gems as a reward for doing so.

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