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Home Design Story for iPhone Tips: Cheat to get more coins and finish furniture fast

Home Design Story is the new game in the storied “Story” franchise (no pun intended) for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. In this game your goal is to design your very own home and expand it from a little house to a big house. As you expand it, you’ll unlock more new furniture to add, more goodies and appliances to put inside and outside the house, and you’ll gain levels as the value of your home increases. Read on for some tips and cheats for Home Design Story!

There is one cheat that you can do in the game in order to speed things up. For example, if you are doing a job that requires you to wait for the coins to roll in, or to wait for a piece of furniture to be delivered, you can do this and cheat the game a bit. First, start a job, and/or buy a piece of furniture that requires you to wait for it.

Now, go to your device’s settings and set the time ahead, go back to the game, collect from the job, pick up the coins and tap the furniture. Immediately do the same thing all over again, go back to the settings and mess with the time, rapidly pick up the coins and tap the furniture.

Now go back to the settings, and set the time back to normal, and immediately go back to the game. Eventually the game will reset itself back to normal. If you do the above trick quickly enough, though, and you can manage to finish this cheat quickly enough, then when the game resets, you will still have somewhere between half of the coins that you got via cheating, and all of the coins that you got. In addition, your furniture will still be there.

If you didn’t do it quickly enough, then the game might reset itself before you finish the cheat, causing your coins to go back to normal.