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Beat and Cheat Homescapes – The Ultimate Tips and Strategy Guide

Homescapes is a new spinoff of Gardenscapes for the iOS and Android platforms by Playrix. You play as Austin the butler, and you move back in with your parents after a successful run at the Gardenscapes house, but now your goal is to renovate your own place. You can play match-three rounds, earn coins and stars, and load up your house with all kinds of fancy new furniture. Read on for some tips and tricks for Homescapes!

You have all kinds of quests to complete in your house, but in order to complete them, you need stars. You’ll earn one star for every level that you complete, so play as many of the match-three levels as you can, then use the stars to rebuild your place and make it look real nice. Plus, the more tasks that you complete, the more rooms of the house that you’ll unlock.

It doesn’t cost any coins in order to buy an initial piece of furniture. However, you do have to spend coins if you do want to swap something out. To earn as many coins as you can, beat a level in the least moves that you can. All of the leftover moves will go toward extra coins for your stash, so that you can do more furniture swaps as you desire.

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In the levels themselves, you can use the special tiles and combine them together in order to finish levels a lot faster. There are a ton of combinations. Mix a bomb and a directional piece together, for example, and you’ll bomb five rows of tiles vertically and horizontally. Mix two disco balls together, and you’ll clear out the entire board. There are far more combinations that can help you finish the level more quickly too.

You can log into Facebook to play with your friends and to save your account from device to device. Plus, if you do, you will get 1,000 bonus coins, which allows you to do a lot more furniture swapping as you so desire.

The quickest way to earn coins is to complete days in the house. Once you complete a day worth of tasks, you’ll earn thousands of coins, which is far more than enough for a whole load of new furniture swaps. Then after you do that, go back to the task menu and start another day to get a new batch of tasks to complete.