Honkai Impact 3rd (Houkai 3rd)- Ultimate Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Honkai Impact 3rd, also known as Houkai 3rd, is a new anime-style action RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, albeit far less automated that most other ARPGs on mobile devices. You start off with one valkyrie, you can unlock more as you play deeper into the game, and you can equip new weapons and clothing, and upgrade almost everything that you have in order to develop massive amounts of power. Read on for some tips and tricks for Honkai Impact 3rd!

Unlike other games of this type, there are no auto-attacks in this one, but there is also a lot less running from place to place – it’s pure battling. Hammer the big button to execute attacks in a row to make combo movements. When the ultimate move charges up, use it, but your best option is often to save it until the boss shows up on the screen. Same with your special attacks unless you’re fairly far away from defeating the undervillains.

The battles start off fairly easy, but they get a lot tougher as you get further into the game. To deal with the increase in difficulty, master the evasion skill while you are still in the realm of easy battles. To evade properly, hit the button when you see the faint flash on the screen; that means an enemy is about to attack. Of course, you can also run to an area where the enemy can’t hit you and avoid attacks that way as well.

You earn weapons, costumes, and stigmata of varying rarity in this game, measured between 1-star and 5-stars. Keep around the weapons that are rarer, as they are the more powerful ones. When you have equipped a weapon, tap it to unlock the Level Up and Upgrade menu, and use your level-up items to power it up significantly. Don’t waste your upgrades on the one-star items. And use your learning chips to level your characters as well.

Once you start earning new outfits for your valkyrja, take into account casual clothes vs battle clothes. Casual clothes provide absolutely no defensive characteristics; they are only there to play dress-up with. Battle clothes actually have practical uses in battle, so make sure that a character has battle clothes. You can get casual clothes and new battle clothes from events, from clothing coupons, or from paying real money. If you can’t find anywhere to spend a coupon, wait for an event to begin.

You need a specific type of material (or materials) for upgrades to weapons. Upgrades add to the rarity and base stats of a weapon, meaning that every level-up is worth more. If it’s a material that you don’t have, then tap the upgrade material in the picture to pull up a list of places where you can find it.